Why foreigners find Kazakhstan amazing?

астанаHey everyone!
Kazakhstan is a beautiful country. That’s not only my opinion. Tons of people come to Kazakhstan and most of them stay here. And I asked myself “Why”? What is the magnetism that attracts foreigners to my country and holds them here? Here are things about Kazakhstan that foreigners find amazing.

We have got a big country

Kazakhstan is the 9th big country in the world by territory. It stretches from west to east 3 000 km, and from north to south 1 600 km. This is so big! You just can’t travel and visit all cities by car in one week.

Our priorities are different

таксиIn Almaty every car can be a taxi. Sometimes you can catch even luxury cars like a Toyota Land Cruisers.

Public transports are too competitive. They run too fast to get many passengers, and passengers don’t feel awkward.

Old people always criticize youth for being rude. Didn’t give your place to older in the bus, immediately get criticized; littered public place with bottle and cigarette, get criticized;

We have some weird rules

You can’t cross the street even it’s a safe. You can get arrested for crossing the street. But everybody crosses the road, even it’s not safe. We have too many traffic officers to short cut. The cool thing is you can trick him for 5000 tenge and continue your way.

We’re both friendly and trusting

майк тайсонWe love foreigners. We love to talk to them, discuss to interesting topics, ask them to be our guest, take them to our home. Kazakh people are very hospitable.

Some stuff is cheap, some expensive

For example, bread is cheap, but cake is expensive. Products of global brand are expensive, like a Nike, Adidas, Apple.

Family life is different

Family is a great value for us. Because Kazakh people never leave their parents, take care of them. We visit our relatives often, bring sweets to their children, go to a picnic, and remember those who passed away.

Miras Kesebaev


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