Швейцария өмір сүруге ең жайлы ел ме? (эссе)

Little swiss town with gothic church on Lake Lucerne and Alps mountain, Switzerland.
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Швейцария өмір сүруге ең жайлы ел ме? (эссе)

Is Switzerland the best country to live in? (essay)

Born into a Chinese family in the Island of Labuan Malaysia, I moved to Switzerland when I was 21 years old and that’s 42 years ago, got married , had 4 children, got divorce and living alone since 14 years, it took me a few years getting use to live with the Swiss people, got to understand them and learn to leave them alone ( best way to stay out of problem )
Though speaking their language, knowing their unspoken language, nearly think like them , can never be accepted as a Swiss Citizen cos I look a little too chineasy: ))) jajaja, strange is when they look at me with my Swiss Passport. hammmm, though my eyes kind of got rounder due to years of eating potatoes, doesn’t give me much chance, brings me big smile .
My ex-husband, till today keeps telling me * Bernie, you are Swiss * hard for me to believe, cos I know he tries to make my stay easier, he’s still trying, my children are very proud to be half Chinese and they are also very proud to be born in Switzerland.
What I love best in Switzerland are the Nature, Winter or Summer, the River Reuss is just at my front door join with Wonderful Forest. whenever I’m jogging, biking , walking, meditate or swimming , I find myself saying, that this is the best place in the world to live in, this peaceful silence is hard to get in any other country, I can be sitting there all alone without fear of human, animals, snake etc.

Yes, Switzerland is expensive ( food cost as much as living cost ) to live in but one can keep the cost down by not getting into :

Қызылға өтіп кетсең, айыппұл - 87500 теңге

Қызылға өтіп кетсең, айыппұл — 87500 теңге

Traffic trouble ( never run a red light ( Fr 250.00 )
Never speed ( Fr 40 upwards ).
Never drink or take drugs while driving ( worst then running over a person )
Always pay your bills and Taxes in time ( can be sued )
Always avoid accidents of any kind. ( could cost to a month payment )
Change your car tyre before the first snow falls. ( hamm , cost much )
See that your cat never shits in your neighbor garden (they can call the police )
Try to keep yourself happy and healthy ( just cheaper, Dr’s can cost Hell)
Most Swiss people save lots of money only to pay for their Health cost as they get older.
Not a place to get too old and not die : )), cos’ old person home care can cost
you Fr 7’000 upwards.
Best if you die Healthy.
Eating out is very costly often doesn’t worth the price.
There’s no freedom of food, most restaurant serve the same kind of food (just cooked differently)

All in all, I keep myself free from trouble, eat good and organic at home.
keep out of trouble, follow the laws, make my life as comfortable as possible in Winter as in Summer.
I have two handful of wonderful Swiss Friends of over 40 yrs. I also know that whenever I need help they are here for me.
For all this reasons and the River Reuss, I believe to be the happiest person ( as a foreigner) in Switzerland .
Most Swiss people are unfriendly and it’s easy to understand, hard to find pure Swiss people anymore, there are too many foreigners like me that make them fearful for their country. Now that Germans are also finding their way to Switzerland, hammm at least they are clever cookies and hard working.

BUT, when I got to Malaysia (like every 2nd year ), I have this special kind of happiness that I can’t explain and never had it in Switzerland. I’m calm, feel free and contented.
For years I suffer after my Malaysian trip, wanting this Malaysian Happiness here in Switzerland,

SOOOO, in every country there is this special Happiness and this Happiness can be enjoyed only when you are there, you can’t take it with you.
For this reasons; Yes, Switzerland is the best Country to live in.
For these reasons: Yes, Malaysia is one of the best Countries to live in.
For these reasons: Yes, Japan is one of the best Cities to live in.
For this reasons; Yes, Bakersfield Ca. is one of the best US Country to live in.

BUT I’m still trying to find an exciting thing besides the River and my Friends to say :
YES, YES, do come and live in Switzerland cos it’s so cool.
NOP, Switzerland is beautiful but very very boring in 1000 ways.

I love you all Quora supports Happiness, I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

Bernie Lee, citizen of Switzerland

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