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My life in Malaysia (essay) — Малайзиядағы менің өмірім (эссе)


My life in Malaysia: 2011–2015

About 5 years ago I was an average guy with standard ideas of life. (Just understood like I am not that guy anymore). After my graduation of the University of International Relations and World Languages named after Abylaikhan I decided to go to Malaysia. But on that time I was offered an invitation for job from three (3) different places in Kazakhstan. It was kind of shocking news for the guy who never worked and fresh-graduate. Despite that I decided to leave Kazakhstan. Oh yeah, I had a scholarship for Master’s Degree and was studying there on that time.

Anyways, initially I planned to stay in Malaysia for 8 months to complete my MBA and come back to Kazakhstan. I was planning to get married soon. However, I stayed there from 2011 to 2015. What caused me to stay that long?

MBA: 2011–2013

Probably this was the best time in my entire life for now. It was my first trip to abroad, except Kyrgyzstan when I was a kid. Honestly saying, Malaysia is the best country for travel. I can doubt that students study there.

So from 2011 to 2015 I had a chance to study, work, travel, and more. I was a taekwondo coach of SEGi University and won lots of tournaments, including international ones.

First meal in Malaysia

When I arrived to Malaysia I tried chicken&rice. Rice was so yellow, and chicken was good fried. I can still remember the taste of that chicken&rice. The taste is still in mouth.


Malaysia is very good in table tennis and the best in Badminton. Sports such as boxing, wrestling, and other martial arts is not that developed in Malaysia. However, taekwondo is progressing in Malaysia very rapidly. Government’s support and support of the University’s Management is very high.

Here I was awarded a nomination “The Most Inspiring Sportsman of the year” in 2012. Later in 2013 I won a nomination of The Best Sportsman of the year.


It is difficult to work officially in Malaysia if you’re a foreigner. Of course if you have huge experience and set of rare skills you can get a working permit easily. I was very lucky that I got a working permit in Malaysia. My career life was amazing from 2013 to 2015.

To be honest it was hard to adapt and adjust to Kazakhstan after all. Working environment in Kazakhstan is absolutely different from Malaysia.

After couple of years my mom said: Come back to Kazakhstan!

I came back to Kazakhstan only for my parents. I do not regret for anything. I had good time in Malaysia, succeeded in sport, academically. My destiny gave me a chance to see the Prime-Minister of Malaysia. Actually, there are many things I’ve done in Malaysia. I think I’d probably write them all separately later.

Yerkebulan Azimkhan


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