My family (эссе)

эссе My family


There are five people in my family: Dad, Mom, me, my brother, and my sister. We live in Almaty. My Mum is thirty five, she is a school teacher. My Dad is forty two, he is a writer, and he works for a newspaper. My parents both like their work very much.

My name’s Aslan, I’m fourteen. I go to high school. My favourite lessons are math and history. I like a foreign language, that’s why I go to an Italian language course. I believe someday I go to Italy and talk with native speakers.

My elder sister Maya is eighteen, she goes to the IT University, and she wants to be an IT specialist. She is fond of program codes, gadgets, apps. In summer she goes to IT company like Samsung to practice her skills.

My younger brother Ruslan is nine years old, he goes to elementary school. He likes spending time outdoors, riding bikes, playing computer games and running with his dog.

My grandparents are retired. They spend a lot of their time in the garden, growing vegetables and fruits. They say we, kids should eat more healthy organic food to be strong.

We have united family and always help each other. I help Ruslan to solve math equations. Maya often makes dinner when Mom is late at school. Everyone in my family is my best friend. I love my family very much.


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