Интернеттің пайдасы мен зияны — Benefits and Problems of the Internet (эссе)


If one were to list the benefits and problems of the use of internet, it would be most likely that the benefits of using the internet would exceed the problems. This statement could be challenged if the user is brought into consideration. Today, the internet is nearly impossible to avoid because of the assignments, quizzes, tests, projects and other university related assistance which are offered online by the professors to students. Internet has become an important part of learning for students because everything that a student does is connected to the internet. Now students have more uses for the internet then just research. In fact, many students use the internet for communicating with the team members, and sharing group work. Even though there are advantages of using the internet, disadvantages are also associated. One of the most common disadvantages is distractions of the internet. For example, if students use internet to communicate with group members, they get distracted by other social networking sites. Also, due to using slang language and other abbreviation on social networking sites, student’s academic writing has been significantly impacted because they use the same language in formal writing. Due to the rapid development in technology, students have become dependent on technology more than ever before. Students use technology for entertainment, organizing their schedules, and for communication. Gadgets like cell phone devices, notepads, and laptops are developing at a fast pace. Students and other young adults use technology the most out of the other age groups and professions. Therefore, as the technology increases, so does its interaction with students. Listing the advantages and the disadvantages of the internet can be quite challenging and thought provoking. This is because the effects of technology vary significantly from student to student and their interests.


Exceed – артып кету

Assignments – тапсырма

Rapid — жылдам

Interaction — өзара байланыс

Significantly – едәуір

Provoking — қоздыратын


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